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I reside in the Diocese of Buffalo. I have dedicated this page to my brothers and sisters in Christ who reside and worship in the Diocese of Rochester. To say that the majority of Catholics in the DOR are suffering greatly under the leadership of laypersons is to leave out much of the story. Bishop Matthew Clark has retired, yet the faithful continue to wait to have a new Bishop appointed. Especially since the announcement of the Holy Father's resignation, they are concerned more than ever.

The all-new cattle barn theme at Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Rochester before renovations.
I recently found the following video on a blog and thought I'd share with you what one parish in Brooklyn is doing to restore their church to its former glory.

Sr. Joan, Pastoral Administrator and member of the Women's Ordination Conference, assisting Bishop Clark

St. Mary's of Rochester. Homemade Eucharistic bread and glass vessels for the Precious Blood.

A prayer has been answered. Since this photo was posted, they've gone to communion wafers instead of crumbly, homemade bread. Read the bulletin here with an explanation.

Liturgical dancer Mariana M. carries the Book of the Gospels during the Chrism Mass.

"Christa Cross" - photo taken at St. Mary's in Rochester - the figure on the processional cross is 'transgendered'; clearly the body of a female yet there is a beard. More can be seen here.

Unfortunately, 'Christa Cross' continues to be used as seen in this picture from Easter, 2013:

Original images were found on Google+ HERE

*From a Womens Ordination Conference article following the Vatican's 'announcement' that women will never be ordained within the Catholic Church:

"If WOC is thinking about giving up the agenda of renewing the church, where does that leave everybody who has been trying so hard?" wailed Sister Nancy DeRycke, another Rochester SSJ. "For 20 years we've been saying 'It's our church!' We can't just drop it and start something else from scratch! Schism isn't the only way! Ordination doesn't have to mean subordination."

Ms. DeRycke is no longer a 'sister' and is a Pastoral Associate at St. Pius X parish in Rochester. On their website, she shares:
"I am delighted to be with you at St. Pius X, promoting and encouraging the spiritual growth of the parish through the RCIA to help those wanting to become Catholic or be baptized, confirmed, celebrate Eucharist, or renew their faith as Catholics. And organize marriage and baptism preparation, and Welcoming Committee to provide a warm welcome for new parishioners." 

*On April 29, 1982, three years into his reign as bishop of Rochester, Matthew Clark published a pastoral letter, Fire in the Thornbush: A Pastoral Letter on Women in the Church, in which he presented his vision for a more "inclusive" Church. Read the document linked above, and then look to the DOR and see what happens when women become Pastors and Priests become Sacramental Ministers. His plan as Bishop has torn the DOR to shreds.


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