Friday, September 25, 2015

An Entertaining Look at: Pope Francis Visits the U.S.

Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP

Did he make you mad? Confused? Are you thrilled with the Pontiff? Whether he's 'too Jesuit' or the best thing since sliced bread, we'll take a more humorous look at his visit to the U.S. We're looking across social media to see what people are saying and grabbing screenshots. If you see something you'd like to share, send a screen shot to

Transcripts of what Pope Francis actually said

Full transcript of Pope's in-flight from Cuba to US
Text of Pope Francis's remarks at the White House welcoming ceremony
Pope's address to US Bishops
Homily from Canonization Mass of St. Junipero Serra
Pope Francis address to Congress
Pope's address to the homeless, poor in D.C.
Address to the United Nations
Pope Francis at Ground Zero
Mass at Madison Square Garden Homily

Bummed Catholics

No, he didn't say this.... 

*Follow this link if you want to know what he REALLY said about guns.

*What he REALLY said about Atheists HERE.

This one keeps popping up. It originated at a satire website and lives on in cyberspace and the minds of anti-Catholic people. See HERE and HERE.

Loving the Pope!

Not loving the Pope:

Laughter IS the best medicine

From: Eye of the Tiber

Our Pope, the Cookie Monster


PETA members dressed up as 'Sisters of Mercy"
  "Eating meat is a bad habit"