Sunday, March 16, 2014

Catholic Apologist Pens Book: Pope Francis Explained

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Catholic Schools and Planned Parenthood Revisited

Do you think it is acceptable for Catholic schoolchildren to attend an educational conference that is co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood? I don't, and I'm one of a few fish trying to swim against the current. Previous documentation of the story is HERE in a 2012 +Ponderings+ entry.

Here is the permission slip sent home from the only remaining Catholic K-8 school in Genesee County:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pro-Aborts Offer "State of the Uterus" Address

Sadly, the headline is not a joke. Their video message, which I've decided not to embed on +Ponderings+, is this (my words, their message):

"The objectification of women must stop. We will use an object which resembles a uterus to teach this lesson of respect for all women. Women are objects (bonus points when they resemble reproductive organs) when we say they are, and that objects are used to is especially important when mocking people with antiquated and barbaric values."

I will let you decide if you want to go to YouTube to search for the video. Screenshots below of the video with title, and a snip from the transcript.

*This is a screen-shot of the video and not the actual video. Go to YouTube and search under the name to view it. 


From a 2012 post, girls selling chocolate suckers in the shape of a vagina in order to 'raise awareness of violence against women.' (From +Ponderings+ post found HERE.)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bishop Malone on Gov. Andrew Cuomo Directive Against 'Extremists'

Latest on Cuomo's comments at the New York Post HERE.

And Fr. Barron spoke out on the matter:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

'Gimme Shelter' in U.S. Theaters January 24th

In February of 2008, I posted about Several Sources Shelters. Today, as I write this, thousands of people are marching in Washington, D.C. at the March for Life. 'Gimme Shelter' promises to be a gritty look at true life struggles of young women who find themselves pregnant in less-than-ideal circumstances. We are called to not only fight for the life of the child, but to show undying compassion toward the women who face the most difficult intersection of their lives. We can help. P.S.: the message of the film is pro-life and I'm hoping the secular media won't notice until it is too late.

Synopsis: "A pregnant teenager flees life with her drug-addicted mother and ends up living on the street before being welcomed into her first real home in Gimme Shelter, an extraordinary tale of survival and redemption inspired by actual events. For 16-year-old Agnes "Apple" Bailey (Vanessa Hudgens), life has been a constant struggle to overcome the harsh reality of a subsistence existence with her abusive mother, June (Rosario Dawson), and June's string of lowlife boyfriends. When she finds herself pregnant and alone, Apple temporarily takes shelter with her biological father, Tom (Brendan Fraser), a wealthy Wall Streeter living in a New Jersey mansion with his wife Joanna (Stephanie Szostak) and two young children. But Apple's inability to adjust to her new circumstances, and her refusal to terminate her pregnancy, soon force her back onto the streets. Desperate to find a haven for herself and her unborn child, Apple reluctantly agrees to move into a suburban shelter that houses other pregnant teens. Emotionally scarred and unable to trust those who want to help her, it seems unlikely that Apple will be able to adapt to the shelter's strict rules and high expectations. With her safety and that of her unborn child at risk, Apple must find a way to break the shackles of her unhappy past and embrace the future with clarity, maturity and hope. Inspired by the real-life, David-and-Goliath story of Several Sources Shelters founder Kathy DiFiore, award-winning writer and director Ronald Krauss wrote his original screenplay while spending a year in a shelter for pregnant teens, and based his poignant screenplay on the lives of several of the shelter mothers. Gimme Shelter stars Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical franchise, Machete Kills), Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Trance), Brendan Fraser (Crash, The Mummy), James Earl Jones (The Great White Hope, Star Wars franchise), Ann Dowd (Compliance, Side Effects) and Dascha Polanco ("Orange is the New Black"). Also appearing in the film are several real life shelter mothers, their babies and Kathy DiFiore. The film is produced by Krauss and Jeff Rice (End of Watch, 2 Guns). Director of photography is Alain Marcoen (The Kid with a Bike, She is Not Crying, She is Singing). Production designer is William Ladd Skinner (This is the End, Pirates of the Caribbean franchise). Costume designer is Ciera Wells (All is Bright, Damsels in Distress). Executive producers are Paul Hellerman (Pulp Fiction, The Mexican) and Scott Steindorff (The Lincoln Lawyer, The Human Stain)."

'Gimme Shelter' Facebook page
National Catholic Register article on the film
Several Sources Shelters

Nuns Headed for Billboard 'Top 100' Again?

The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles are at it again.

Just in time for the Lenten season, they will release their newest album, Lent at Ephesus, on February 11th. Pre-order from their site HERE or at Amazon by clicking on the image below.

Follow their progress on the chart HERE.

About Billboard

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shamless Plug for +Ponderings+

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brighten Your Advent and Christmas Season with Friar Alessandro

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