Wednesday, December 10, 2014

St. Luke's Mission of Mercy - Helping out Locally at Christmas (and anytime)

There are bell-ringers everywhere you go this time of year and some choose to donate to the Salvation Army. For some Catholics, this is not without controversy. Some point to the fact that the Salvation Army finds abortion to be acceptable in many situations as a reason to withhold support. (I maintain if you use abortion viewpoint as a litmus test of support, there are a lot of other religions you would have to exclude). Others have been busy packing and shipping boxes full of items for Operation Christmas Child. Again, some have concerns about this program. I believe that giving is a very personal thing and would never tell someone which organization they can support and which they cannot. There is one local Buffalo mission that has been making a big difference in the lives of others since 1994.

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St. Luke's Mission of Mercy is located on Walden Avenue in Buffalo. At this past Thanksgiving, they distributed 2,600 bundles of food. Each bundle included two bags of dry/canned goods including rolls, potatoes, vegetables, macaroni and cheese, cookies. Folks also received perishable items including meat, butter, milk, frozen desserts, etc.

  • They serve two meals per day, six days a week and one meal on Sunday. 
  • They provide shelter for men and women of all ages who otherwise would have no place to lay their head.
  • They provide housing for many families in need.
  • They provide a house for men recovering from addictions.
  • They provide donated clothing, household items, small appliances to anyone in need. 
  • They maintain contact with those who have needed their support in the past, including prison ministry and support for those transitioning from imprisonment to life outside of prison.
  • They offer their church for the burial of Catholics who would have no other place to go, donating the time of their choir and facilities. 
It is my experience that they are always in need of new socks, gloves, hats, coats, hygiene products, medications, prayers, and time. They rely solely upon the generosity of others and if you are looking for a local organization to support, please consider St. Luke's Mission of Mercy. 

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To volunteer, contact them HERE

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