Monday, October 19, 2009

Diocese of Rochester: 1979 - Present

+Catholic Ponderings+ has covered disturbing and a bit of hopeful news coming from the Diocese of Rochester over the last two years. To review previous posts, please click here.

The faithful who live within the Diocese of Rochester have been suffering in various ways for three decades now, and the toll is staggering. Dr. K over at Cleansing Fire has documented the past thirty years. To those who continue to turn a blind eye toward the liturgical abuse, over-use of pastoral administrators who happen to be proud members of the Women's Ordination Conference, the closing of dozens of Catholic schools and the exodus of Catholics to either a neighboring Diocese or out of the Church altogether: Please take a new look at the timeline. Mammon has been at work in the Diocese of Rochester, and the Holy Spirit has been shunned in many places.

*Unfortunately, the pictures which could be found here previously are no longer visible.*  

Here is the link to the timeline. Your comments are appreciated. Please pray for the Diocese of Rochester.


Anonymous said...

Nobody with testicles is running that diocese.

Kelly said...

Well, Anon. 11:04 -- you took no time making your point. It does seem as though Bishop Clark's longing for a protestant-looking Catholic Church (ie: female ordinands, generic and irreverent new churches and lay homilies) certainly does make it look like a haven for heresy. Are you a Catholic from the DOR?

Ben Anderson said...

I just found your blog through Cleansing Fire. Thank you for following our diocese and praying for us - we need it! If you're interested, I have a blog about the DOR (well, all things catholic really) as well:

Kelly said...

Hi Ben,

There are many people who know nothing about the shenanigans taking place in the DOR. Thank you for linking to your own blog.


Kelly said...

Ann, a non-Catholic friend left this comment on my Facebook note (the auto-feed of this blog entry): the ? is this.....we are gods children...we are created in his image. But women can't hear god and can't be as good as men for doing services......and who said medieval times aren't alive and well?

Kelly said...

My reply to Ann:

Ann, the Catholic Church can trace her origins back to the Apostles. Jesus chose twelve of them, all male. All documents for centuries following the death of Christ show that the early Church only recognized the male priesthood. The Church also went further to declare those who 'ordained' females contrary to Church teaching, and heretics.

By choosing men, Christ was not submitting to mere cultural ideals of the time. He was/is God, after all. He lives outside of the boundaries of time. Christ clearly had a great respect and love for women and we see this in His friendships and ministry.

In Galatians, St. Paul makes clear to the reader that men and women are equal. "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

This is not about equality or the poor treatment of females. After all, the same Church you claim to be Medieval is also accused by some of worshiping the Mother of Christ, Mary. We are both accused of giving no credit to women and then giving too much to a particular woman - both of which are based upon mere emotional response and not factual.

The Catholic Church does not bend the Magisterium to fit popular culture. Bishops who 'ordain' female priests or push for female 'ordination' know that it is the infallible teaching of the Catholic Church that there have not, and never will be female priests. They choose to be a part of something, take vows of obedience, and then openly disobey. Bottom line, if you don't like the 'party line', change your party. And just like Judas, Luther, Calvin, et. al. they can start their own 'church' or succumb to despair. The Catholic Church is not one which forces membership upon anyone.

With at least 30,000 denominations of Christians in the world, obviously many continue to re-invent the wheel.

Women play a very important role within the Church and many important positions within the Church are held by women. The Church does not stand merely upon the shoulder of the male ordained; we are all part of the common priesthood from Baptism. No person within the Church is more important than the other and each is deserving of great respect, dignity and honor. See 1 Cor. 12:5–29 and see what St. Paul says about the importance of each part, though we are clearly different.

Now, back to the DOR. The desire for female ordination is merely one rotten apple in the barrel. There are plenty of others which go directly against Church teaching.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Clark spits on doctrine, rips up dogma, and defiles liturgical norms.

In the choir loft said...


So well said with historical and biblical references. How are things in your diocese?

Kelly said...

Things are great! Many parishes merged last year which shook a lot of people up, of course. It was done with the input of anyone who was willing to attend meetings and I think many have found it to be a blessing (though many refuse to admit it). Our Bishop fights hard for our schools and frequently states that they are our most important ministry. We have seminarians at our very own seminary. Only one PA and he is an ordained permanent Deacon at a very small, rural parish that is linked to another. Our Cathedral looks like one. Lay homilies are forbidden. You will find that it is a minority of parishioners who assume the orans posture during the Our Father. In our parish, the priest who was teaching at our school instructed the children to NOT hold hands. In the DOB, people kneel during Communion and do not sit until the priest finishes purifying the vessels and takes a seat himself. Many of our religious sisters wear habits - and the sisters who teach at our school in a full habit. Our Bishop addressed the laity in regard to Spiritus Christi and the virus they were spreading to Buffalo. Candles, sanctus bells and incense are all seen as good things. We also do not have general confession - though I have known people who travel to the DOR so that they can be forgiven without confessing to a priest - or so they thought until I corrected them. Is the DOB perfect? No, plenty of humanity to go around. But, many people from the DOR send their children to our school in LeRoy, and some even travel forty minutes to attend Mass with us. You can find out Diocesan newspaper here --> :) Dominus vobiscum!

Persis said...

Hi Kelly,
Have read with interest your comments on Cleansing Fire. In my own blog,,
I have addressed the issue of women's ordination. I think that you , and your friend may find my thoughts interesting.
Thanks for all your thoughts keeping us posted on what is happening in the DOB.
Peace be with you!

Kelly said...

Hi Persis - thank you for leaving a note. I read your post on female ordination and am left questioning whether or not you support the Church's teaching on the matter. I understand and appreciate your realization that it was you and not Christ calling you to the ordained Priesthood. That must have been an enormous step of discernment for you. Do you believe God calls women to be ordained?

The URL to her ordination blog entry is here:

Again, thanks for stopping by. Dominus vobiscum!

Anonymous said...

i heart cleansing fire.