Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bishops Synod on Word of God

Keep up with the latest news from the Synod at this outstanding and comprehensive site. is an outreach program of The Great Adventure Bible Study System. The Great Adventure is a Catholic Bible learning system that makes the complex simple by teaching the story (the narrative) of the Bible.

Jeff Cavins developed The Great Adventure in 1984 as a way to help others get the "big picture" of the Bible. Many people know selected stories, but are perhaps not able to connect them into a full narrative. His answer is to identify the books of the Bible that tell the story from beginning to end. By reading just these 14 "narrative" books, a chronological story emerges and one can then understand where the other books of the Bible fit in relation to the story.

From this grew The Bible Timeline program, which teaches the story in a way that is easy to remember and helps people to continue reading Scripture on their own. Since the creation of The Bible Timeline, The Great Adventure has grown into a remarkable system designed to give the average Catholic a solid foundation for a lifetime of Bible reading.

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faerieeva said...

Sounds like something I need to look into... Is there an intro book or something to the system? I might find it in our library. *S*