Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI and the Lifting of SSPX Excommunications

Rumors have been circulating for the last several days in regard to a possible pending statement about to be released by the Vatican in regard to a lifting of Excommunications of at least a portion of the SSPX community. It appears that for once, the rumor mill was passing around accurate information and the pronouncement has been made. Many other blogs are covering the developing news and it is just beginning to hit the secular media.

National Catholic Register has just reported the story today and the brief article by Tom McFeeley can be found here.

If you have never heard of the SSPX or are unsure as to what exactly the story is behind the traditionalist group, see articles linked to below:

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For decades now, Catholics who attended Mass at SSPX churches exclusively were participating in an invalid celebration and therefore not in full communion with the Catholic Church. With the new proclamation, we are probably left with more questions than answers. Let us each pray that the Lord's will be done in this, and every matter involving the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The announcement on Vatican website (in Italian)

The announcement translated into English on the Rorate Caeli Blog

Fr. Z's take on the story

For the latest news, check in at Catholic Culture: News


Janet Baker said...

Let me say, I am an ordinary Catholic person who goes to the SSPX chapel because I find complete reverence for the Blessed Sacrament there. In every single "new mass" parish, they have a novelty: to stay in church after mass and chat, as if Christ were not present in the tabernacle. So rude to Him! Also, in SSPX chapels, people dress appropriately for mass, in more formal attire than work-a-day. This is pretty important, because actually the Church has long taught that even though the intrinsic merit of each mass is equal, since the same Christ is offered, but the extrinsic merit earned depends on a number of factors, and the reverence of the people is a big one. I have a rare post on this topic at my blog called the Merits of the Mass, if that interests you. It interests me very much because I have plenty of family and work and health problems and I need every bit of merit I can get, for the grace to persevere.

Just as a bonus, women dress in skirts, dresses, and hats for church, as almost no where else in the entire world! I enjoy sewing and there is no other community that I know of where looking like a girl is completely okay. Hats are so fun!

In any case, SSPX parishioners are just like everybody else except they're quite serious about the faith, about confession and communion, as we all should be.

Kelly said...

Hello Janet, and thanks so much for posting here! I sincerely appreciate your input and am thankful for the reverence you have for the Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and the Holy Mass.

For readers who aren't sure how to find the post Janet mentioned in her comment, here is a link:

Readers: Janet brings up some very good points. I hope you prayerfully consider how you present yourself to the Lord at Mass and if your behaviors help or hinder your relationship with Jesus and your fellow Christians when you are at Mass. His church is not a place for socialization and idle chatter - and this not only shows grave disrespect for Christ truly present in the Tabernacle, but it also is very frustrating for others who wish to remain after Mass in quiet prayer.

I think we all have a lot to learn from one another.

Dominus vobiscum!

Tmac said...

I think both conservative and progressive Catholics are all worked up for nothing. I still don't believe that the SSPX will enter into full communion with the Church. The Pope and Roman Curia are playing a game of chess. They've made their move and are now waiting for Bishop Fellay and his buddies to make their move. But which direction will they take? My guess is none. And I would bet my life savings on that. Bishop Fellay will continue to be an un-excommunicated, but suspended Bishop along with the rest of his clergy. As for SSPX Bishop Williams who states that there were no gas chambers during the holocaust.. well he needs to be committeed to psychiatric hospital for evaluation.