Friday, March 27, 2009

Abortion Ads on a 'Telly' Near You? (UK)

A bit of education for those who may land on this blog entry and consider themselves highly intelligent, God-fearing and pro-choice: Pictured above are a box of 'TISSUES' on the right and a BABY at 9-weeks gestation on the left. Do note the difference. By the way, you cannot be faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and 'pro-choice'.

Our brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom have witnessed climbing rates of teen pregnancy and it appears that the government has responded by allowing abortion providers to advertise on television and radio. Too many babies having babies? Kill some of them off! The day U.S. television allows commercials advertising abortion is the day I throw our televisions out the window.

Read more details in an article HERE.

Bishop O'Donoghue of Lancaster Diocese has spoken on the matter and here is a portion of his statement:

It has been widely reported in the media that the Advertising Standards Authority is considering allowing the abortion industry to advertise through the broadcasting media. This deeply damaging proposal originates from the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health & HIV and therefore comes from the heart of the abortion industry – threatening yet another hammer-blow to the sanctity of human life in this country.

I am appalled that this proposal will result in the deaths of many more preborn children and cause untold harm to women. As a society, we need to wake up and stop treating abortion as a quick-fix solution to pregnancy and offer compassionate and practical support to women facing crisis pregnancies. The Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative in Scotland is a shining example of the Church and others reaching out to pregnant women who find themselves isolated and frightened, offering emotional support and practical help such as liaising with families and providing financial assistance to women in need.

The killing of the innocent can never be a genuine solution to a problem. I urge all those who care about the sanctity of human life to voice their opposition to this proposal with one voice. At the same time, please consider lending your support to our pro-life organizations that care about mothers and their preborn children.

Lord, have mercy on us.

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