Friday, March 6, 2009

Lint at Burger King

My dear husband works in a very busy suburb of Rochester, NY where the traffic often gobbles up half of his one hour lunch break. Last Friday he stopped in at Burger King to grab a fish sandwich since it was not far from work. When he approached the counter and placed his order, the lady looked at him and said, "Okay, what is going on here?! Why are so many people ordering fish today? Something weird is going on." He simply told her that it is Friday and since it is Lent, a lot of people eat fish on that day. She looked at him only further confused and asked, "Lint? What lint?" Known for his gift of brevity, he ditched the opportunity to over-the-counter evangelize and left it up to her fellow employees to explain. I can only imagine what she thought if she worked on Ash Wednesday and saw a lot of people coming in with dirt on their foreheads.

I think I'll put a few Lenten booklets I picked up from the table at church and stuff them in his coat pocket. Next time someone asks him about lint on his lunch break, he can give one to them.

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