Friday, April 17, 2009

New York's Gov. Paterson on Gay Marriage

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Gov. Paterson introduced a bill for the legalization of gay marriage in the state of New York. After all, he and former Gov. Spitzer are grand champions of the cause. New York has a long history of 'firsts' and how frustrating it must be to introduce legislation once again knowing that it has no chance of passing. New York is the abortion capital of the U.S. - perhaps we have to let others beat us to the chase on at least some ungodly attempts at new legislation.

What is next? A battle for the legalization of polygamy? A plea to legally marry a chimp who treats you well and is a consenting adult? You just wait. The slope has been slipping for nearly a century. The same people who pushed birth control, overpopulation tripe, abortion and gay marriage march on until they meet no resistance. Right over the edge of no return.

Read Bill Donohue's Opinion Piece on the Culture War in our midst.

UPDATE: Click HERE to take action, New Yorkers!

UPDATE 5/18/2009: From the NY Times: "The Assembly passed a same-sex marriage bill last Tuesday by a margin of 89 to 52, shifting the debate to the Senate. But the bill’s fate there remains uncertain. So far gay rights advocates have received commitments from about 25 of the 62 senators. As many as four Democrats could vote against the bill, and no Republicans have said publicly that they would support it."

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