Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama to Tax the Unborn, saying "Even tissue surely has the patriotic duty"

In a surprise press conference in the UK, Mr. Obama addressed the 'death tax' which will be reinstated as part of the current budget. The tax was supposed to fall to 0% in 2009 as enacted by the Bush administration but if you wield a magnifying glass and hold it closely over footnote 1 on page 127 of the budget, you will see that Obama isn't about to let that happen.

When a savvy reporter from a small upstate New York newspaper asked him what this means for the millions of fetuses and embryos surely to be exterminated under his watch, he responded by saying, "What you -- are talking about -- is -- -- a clump of cells. Tissue." Obviously shaken by the lack of words on his teleprompter he continued, "Even tissue --- surely has the patriotic duty -- to contribute to society. Secretary Geitner -- is -- looking at -- how we would go about -- including these tissues ---- in the estate tax." When the follow up question addressed the fact that there must be a death of a human in order for there to be an estate tax, Mr. Obama replied without hesitation, "Tissue is tissue -- it is just that. I have one in my pocket right now. It isn't human and I'm sure I paid sales tax on it." With that, he smiled and made a quick exit.

Don't believe the story? Click HERE.


Lee Strong said...

Wow. It sounded like it could be real.

Have you been reading his mind?

Aussie Therese said...

lol I thought it was real.

Kelly said...

LOL! It isn't a true story?! Sounds pretty likely, doesn't it? ;) Every story I read about the US president has an April Fool's joke air to it anyway.