Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Book to Boycott

If you are familiar with the shenanigans which take place daily in the Diocese of Rochester, and the homilies given by laypersons, you will surely be interested to know that Bishop Matthew Clark has written a book.

Forward in Hope: Saying Amen to Lay Ecclesial Ministry

Saying Amen? How about something more like 'I'm a dissident and I like it that way'.

Let us continue to pray for Bishop Clark and our Catholic brothers and sisters who live in the Diocese of Rochester. May the Lord's will be done.

Thanks to DOR Catholic for breaking the story. Please follow his blog. See also Rochester Catholic for more DOR news. Keep in mind, Bishop Clark has appointed women to the position of 'Pastoral Administrator' -- like at St. Anne's where there are three priests and a deacon at the parish (Sunday attendance 500 parishioners). The priest is simply referred to as a 'Sacramental Minister' and -- did I mention that the sister who is PA also is a leader in the fight for 'female ordination'?


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Anonymous said...

It would make a good doorstop.

~Dr. K

Kelly said...

LOL ... that would mean it would have to get INTO our house first. If someone were to give me a copy for free, I'd put it into our Catholic school's paper-recycling dumpster - they get paid for the discarded paper! It is where all of the fine 'Watchtower' publications go which get stuffed into my door on a monthly basis. If the JWs only knew...