Saturday, May 23, 2009

Please Pray for Baby Faith

UPDATE: Just received this message:

I am sad to report that at 4:40pm Faith Hope Walker at 93 days old went to be with our Lord and Saviour.

Faith died peacefully in her mother's arms with her family around her. I would ask you all to continue to pray for Myah and their family. This will be a time of great pain for them.

+Requiescat in pace, sweet baby Faith.+

Please pray for Baby Faith. You may recall she and her mom have been on my prayer list for months. See here for other +Ponderings+ about Faith and Myah. Faith has been suffering from unexplainable hemorrhaging over the past few days and this is the most recent news posted by Myah just today:

"My poor little girl is still losing blood. Every time I open her diaper there is only muscous and blood. We have decided not to take extreme measures to treat her. We're keeping her warm and praying that God will intervene. Your prayers are much appreciated right now. Thanks..."

This coming on the heels of several weeks of vicious attacks by anonymous internet posters sending Myah cruel and hateful messages of unimaginable content. Please pray for Myah and Faith.


Christina said...

You know what? I sent Myah an email of encouragement a few weeks ago, letting her know that she was a fantastic mother and it was terrible what other people were doing to her. She emailed me back telling me never to contact her again. Something tells me the "harassment" is a bit overstated.

Kelly said...

Christina, I decided against deleting your comment and find it necessary to respond. The harassment was witnessed first-hand -- by me. Not the e-mail harassment, but terrible and vile comments made on many, many internet forums and the individuals I am speaking of even made their own blogs mocking baby Faith. Have you ever had someone tell you that you should put your 'zombie baby in a plastic bag and throw it against the wall'?

Forgive Myah's perceived over-reaction to your well-intentioned e-mail. Until anyone can walk a step in her shoes, they cannot begin to understand what she has gone through in the past year.

In this case, if you can't say anything nice -- just say nothing at all.