Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Flip-flops at Mass got you down?

While preparing for a book review to be posted soon, I came across a post at Fr. Longenecker's blog which would book-end the entry on Manners at Mass quite nicely. From his entry, Mantilla the Hon on Sneakers at Mass:

What about the servers at Mass? There they are wearing robes and serving at Mass and you see them wearing old sneakers underneath. You know these sneakers sometimes smell like dead weasels. This is not good. Then one time I see this girl wearing flip flops with sequins on them. Another girl is wearing slingback sandals in hot pink. I'm not lying. One time I see a boy wearing those sneakers that have wheels built in and he's rolling down the aisle on them for a minute. Another time this boy is kneeling down at Mass and he has red lights flashing all around the heel of his sneakers. What kind of dumb is this? Eh?

Check out Fr. Longenecker's blog. Even 'Mikey likes it, and he hates everything.' ;)

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