Thursday, June 4, 2009

New York State Catholics: Action Needed

Tell Your Lawmakers to Reimburse Catholic Schools
In dealing with two important issues this legislative session, namely the growing State Budget deficit and the deficit of the 12-county Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), lawmakers delivered some good news and bad news to schools in New York State. For public schools the news was good. For Catholic and other religious schools, the news is very bad.
The legislative session ends on June 22. Please act immediately to urge lawmakers to treat all schools fairly. Go to this link to send a pre-written, fully editable e-mail to the Governor and your Senator and Assembly member. Be sure to edit the letter to include your personal stake in religious education: tell your lawmakers if you are a principal, administrator, teacher or Catholic school parent.
If the link above does not work, go to and click "Take Action Now!"

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