Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking Back at 1954: 'Beauty Secrets'

From the March 1954 Liguorian:

Beauty Secrets

Perhaps your latest facial left you discouraged? Before acknowledging defeat, here is one more beauty plan that is really guaranteed. It is inexpensive and offered by God Himself.

For Wrinkled Brows:

To get ride of that mean, impatient look that causes them, apply the massaging cream, Sweetness of Temper, each time your unpleasant disposition begins to break through. As an additional measure, exposing the face to the morning air on the way to the 8 o'clock Mass is highly recommended. To keep the eyes clear and the face radiant, apply the protective preparation called Modesty. It has another trade name, Humility. Wherever you go, carry it with you.

For the Lips:

For these, try the becoming lipstick, Silence. Throw away the fiery shaded one of uncharitable gossip, which tends to distort the lips. This new lipstick makes you think before you speak.

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