Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Corabeth Godsey Makes Catholic Church Her Domicile

Photos by Nick Pendergast, D Magazine

If you fancied wholesome television shows of the 1970's, surely The Walton's was one of your favorites. 'Corabeth Godsey' played by Ronnie Claire Edwards, was the character you loved to hate. The oft busy-body, nosy, holier-than-thou and self-promoted proper Southern Baptist woman could really get under your fiction-loving skin.

She has undertaken the preservation of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, listed in 2006 as an endangered property in the city of Dallas, Texas. The old building had no plumbing or sewer and she had to make a only a few minor adjustments to bring it up to code. As you can see, she has left it looking just like its intended purpose - a church (sans the pews).

What do YOU think? "Well done on the preservation" or "blasphemy!"?


For more on the story, read D Magazine: Q & A or Dallas News


Genjlcgettys said...

I look forward to the day upon which she gives it back to the diocese to be used as a church.
In the meantime, I could give her a few decorating tips. ;-)

Kelly said...

I was thinking the same thing - on both counts. She definitely does not cleave to the mission or craftsmen styles of decor.

Staten Pilgrim said...

I would vote for sacrilege.

Anonymous said...

very cool