Monday, August 17, 2009

Reflections on the Fr. Corapi Conference

Photo: Charles Lewis, Buffalo News

Having attended the much anticipated conference with Fr. John Corapi, I thought I would share a few impressions and hope that others who attended will chime in. Each of his four talks throughout the day were recorded so that others may purchase the DVD from Fr. Corapi's website in the near future. I know I play to obtain a copy as soon as it becomes available and HERE IS THE LINK to pre-order yours.

First some bullet points:

  • We are at war -- a spiritual war -- and it is time for Catholics to stand up and be heard
  • Our American founding fathers had every intention for God to be included and appreciated in our very foundation; not for God to be permanently erased from society
  • The Holy Spirit is the remedy and stands evicted if we are immersed in sin
  • The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit are necessary for happiness, prosperity and peace
  • Disobedience of God is the reason for the existence of so much evil
  • We cannot be Catholic and support a 'pro-choice' platform. Period.
  • You cannot help the poor by enslaving them.

Now I would like to share a moving situation I witnessed while sitting in our 'nose-bleed' seats at the top of the arena. My husband and I were near the end of an aisle and the seats next to us were empty. A woman accompanying a frail elderly woman asked if the seats were available and we motioned for them to have a seat next to us. The older woman was in a wheelchair and her companion helped to raise her and seat her next to us. She wore a neck cushion. In one hand she held a sippy cup and in the other a bit of fleece-like fabric. She smiled somewhat vacantly at us and we smiled and nodded to her. Her much younger companion wore a smile from ear to ear and was continually hugging and rubbing the woman. Our two neighbors stood out brightly among our other 11,000 brothers and sisters as the Mass was about to begin. The music began to play and we all stood for the processional as some 75 priests and deacons passed by - and all of those voices - in perfect unison - singing 'Hail Holy Queen' was sweeter than any confection made by the hands of men. I looked to our left and both ladies were standing, embracing one another wiping at their eyes. I knew that this was a moment I would remember always. The elder lady would drop off to sleep with her head resting upon her cushion from time to time during the Mass, all the while her companion being fully present for both of them. At communion time we were all told to turn to our left and ministers would be on each level to distribute to the faithful. No wheelchair necessary, the two women turned left and we followed closely behind. A line had formed and the elder lady's companion motioned toward someone at the front of the line and they kindly parted so that she would not have to walk any further. When we returned to our seats, they were both there, the younger of the two with her eyes closed and palms open singing as loudly as she could to the songs. Her frail friend offered me a sip from her cup and I thought of Christ and His cup. I gratefully whispered to her, 'No, thank you.' After Mass, I lost sight of the two ladies as they probably moved back to their original seats, but the humanity in Christ I met that day will never part from my mind.

Buffalo News story on the conference


David Marciniak said...

It was truly an amazing experience for all of us present. Each of us was touched not only by the powerful words of an annointed man, but also by the witness in the lives of the faithful men, women, and children present among us. I will not forget that day for many years to come.

Lee Strong said...

I could not be there. I am happy you were able to take part. Thank you for sharing your observations.

Joyful Catholics said...

How I wish I could have attended. Thank God for DVD's! Thank you for the wonderful post, too! A true prophet for our times!