Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ACTION NEEDED - Health Care Bill(s) and Abortion

I am not certain how one can consider abortion to be entirely an issue pertaining to privacy and then out of the other side of their mouths it is a medical issue. Don't get me started about the health of a murdered child - and the fact that a dead child is not a healthy one.

As the Obama administration pushes the current 'health care' legislation, only the stiff-necked are able to ignore the plight of the unborn and the infirm - both unable to fight for their own privacy and health. What they will not tell you, and have repeatedly lied about, is that abortion WILL be included in any and all proposals. Through the front door, the side or the back - the United States of America will demand that her citizens fund abortions as part of a 'health care' program.

Mr. Obama, you and your ilk are liars. Again, I post the above link to a non-partisan site: .

"As for the House bill as it stands now, it’s a matter of fact that it would allow both a "public plan" and newly subsidized private plans to cover all abortions."

The National Right to Life Committee has declared the situation CONDITION RED and all Christians need to either step up or step aside. Either you take up the Cross or you discard it.

Take action HERE.

Read the latest updates HERE.

Print out a .pdf fact sheet on the health care bill proposals HERE.

E-mail your representatives, call their offices, send this information to your friends, neighbors, local media, church members. Your involvement is imperative.


Side ponderable: Do you think that rhinoplasty and breast augmentation are going to be included in the health care plan? I mean, you wouldn't want someone to be punished with 'imperfections', would you?



Just to be certain that you are absolutely aware of what we are up against, in regard to others who refer to themselves as Catholic, I want to share with you some commentary from a Catholic online forum in regard to this topic:

"...... I would just like to say that all those abortions the occurred from 1974 to today.

Water under the bridge, right ?

Lets move on."

"Pro-lifers are never satified. "
"We want a clear statement that health care reform won't include public funding of abortion"

Obama says the same in front of an international televised joint session of Congress.

"Obama is lying, we want more"

What do you want ?


I'm asking.

What IS good enough ?"


"....I refuse to identify myself as a pro-lifer because there are those proudly identiyfing themselves as pro-life who (and this is only a partial list):

1) wink and nod at murder.
2) Protect vandals, arsonists and batterers
3) Openly endorse violence
4) Hide behind secret organizations
5) Maintain enemies lists
6) Recruit, Cultivate, and encourage fringe people with violent tendenices
7) Just generally crying havoc
8) ..and are on the verge of letting slip the dogs of war

(That's a referance to Shakesphere - should be obvious but then again missing the obvious is why I'm writting this post)

I choose not to identify myself as pro-life because I choose not to associate myself with above said people.

I am anti-abortion."


"Laws can be changed pretty easily. If healthcare has some provisions that aren't to your liking, at some point in time new representatives will be bound to modify them.

Fr. Pavone himself could write a "no abortion funding" provision in the healthcare bill and it would only be a guarantee until the November, 2010 election.

Every law we have goes through periodic revision, and health care will be no different."



Brian said...

Thank you !

Please keep up the good work -
for the dignity of the human person-
especially the unborn.

God bless!

Kelly said...

O Heavenly Father, Creator and Giver of all life, Author of Justice, Source of love and mercy: Although it is deserving of your anger and punishment, look with mercy on our nation which has offended you by condoning the killing of millions of innocent children, Thy precious sons and daughters, who, like all of us, were created in your image and likeness, and whose only offense was their very existence. Amen.

O Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer, whose inestimable gift of self-sacrificing love provided the means of Salvation for all mankind through the shedding of your innocent blood: grant that all may come to know you, serve you and love you, and thus may know the meaning of true freedom and true liberty which never destroys, but always serves and protects life. Amen.

O Holy Spirit, source of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel, fortitude, piety and holy fear: inspire us with these gifts. Fill the hearts of the leaders of this nation, especially those who have the temporal power and the grave responsibility to make and interpret and execute laws, with the desire to do God's Will, to restore justice and to establish laws which govern the people of this land in conformity with the Divine Law -- laws which will preserve, protect and defend the lives of all sons and daughters of God, from their earliest beginnings until death. Amen.