Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reforming the Reform Part 2

In my first entry on 'Reforming the Reform', a reader alerted me to a ZENIT article where it was said that the Vatican denied the rumors. I didn't interpret it as a denial and it appears I am not alone.

According to Catholic World News:

Despite denials, leading Vatican journalist insists 'reform of the reform' is under discussion

Now Tornielli has raised the stakes, insisting that his piece was accurate. He too notes that the proposals under discussion would not require changes in the liturgical books-- although they might require new instructions to complement those books. (The Hermeneutic of Continuity blog has provided a helpful English translation of Tornielli's new report.) Moreover, he observes, a matter that is merely a topic for discussion today could become an "institutional proposal" in the future. Tornielli sums things up:

Since I have been a vaticanista, I have committed many errors – and I will commit many in the future: but the article in question, believe me, is not among these.
CLICK HERE for the entire article.

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