Thursday, October 22, 2009

DOR Catholic Courier Gains a Customer

What happens when a blog in the Diocese of Rochester, seeking to expose the continuing liturgical abuses, buys ad space in the Diocesan paper? I cannot wait to find out.

Cleansing Fire was started in June of 2009 by a few concerned Diocese of Rochester parishioners who are greatly hurt by what they have witnessed in their parishes over the course of thirty years. Since the "bonfire of orthodoxy" began, it has already logged more than 31,000 hits. That is 30k hits in a mere four months. Cleansing Fire has received enough donations from blog readers that they can now purchase an ad for their site in the Catholic Courier.

No, not the ballet. 'Liturgical Dance' at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

You may ask, "Why all of the talk about the Diocese of Rochester? I do not live there so it is really none of my business." It is our business as WE are Church. It is not your church, my church, his church, her church or even their church. If you see a house on fire, do you not call 911? Or do you just decide that it is really none of your business -- it isn't your house. What hurts one part of the body of Christ directly hurts the entire body. If a part of the Church is hurt, it affects us all. People are hurting and souls are at risk. Remember, there are sins of commission and those of omission. Know the difference.

Pray for the people of the Diocese of Rochester.


Genjlcgettys said...

A nod of the miter to you, Kelly.

Kelly said...

Wow! I am deeply honored. :)

In the choir loft said...

Thanks a lot for the press. Our local Latin Mass Community once took an ad out in the "Campus Times", the student newspaper of UR and it netted 2 vocations to the priesthood. Just one small ad had that powerful of an effect. One vocation for the Diocese of Scranton and another to the Fraternity of Saint Peter. Power in advertising or Power of the Holy Spirit to lead people to the truth.

Both priests are zealous for souls.
Thanks again.