Wednesday, March 16, 2011

North Dakota Bishops Warn Against Donating to Certain Charities

The Bishop

On Ash Wednesday, the Bishops of North Dakota issued a guide on charitable giving.  You may find that document HERE in its entirety.

They noted that all Catholics and Catholic entities including churches, schools and other organizations have an obligation to support only those missions which clearly support Catholic teaching.  Listed are some less obvious and perhaps a surprise or two for you in the 'do not support' list:

American Association of University Women: AAUWʼs stated mission is to advance “equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research” and often provides local scholarships with money raised through book fairs.  AAUW, however, strongly supports abortion rights and same-sex “marriage,” and opposes parental choice in education.

Amnesty International: In 2007, Amnesty International abandoned its neutral stance on abortion and adopted a pro-abortion position.

Crop Walk/Church World Service: CROP Walk, an annual hunger awareness and fundraising effort that benefits many local food pantries, is sponsored by Church World Service (CWS), an agency of the National Council of Churches. Catholic Relief Services withdrew its name from the list of funding recipients since some of the partners of CWS support the provision of contraceptives in their overseas missions and programs and CRS could not guarantee that donations, particularly Catholic donors who have earmarked their contribution to those efforts consistent with Church teaching, would not be utilized for objectionable services.

March of Dimes: The March of Dimesʼ focus is the prevention of birth defects, premature birth, and infant
mortality. March of Dimes, however, also supports embryonic stem cell research, preimplantation diagnosis for untreatable conditions, and mandatory contraceptive coverage for insurance plans.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure: This anti-breast cancer organization is known for its “Race for the Cure”
fundraising activities (not to be confused with “Relay for Life.”)  Money raised at these events has gone to
Planned Parenthood and the organization refuses to acknowledge the link between abortion and breast cancer.

UNICEF: The Holy See suspended an annual symbolic contribution in 1996 due to the “shift in UNICEF activities” that were once solely focused on child welfare but now includes contraceptive and abortion services.

May God bless †Most Rev. Paul A. Zipfel  and  †Most Rev. Samuel J. Aquila


Hat tip to Thomas Peters from Catholic Vote for sharing the story.  


Anonymous said...

As a Catholic I am appalled at this list that we should not donate too. I think these two so called bishops of the catholic church are not following the teachings of Christ. And I now will donate only to those charities.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you will not post negative blogs? Since they go against the bishops.

Anonymous said...

This list is disgusting and its not the charities that are the disgusting ones. Shame Shame Shame on these bishops.

Kelly said...

Anon, most would say that if you are disobedient to the Catholic Church it is you who should be ashamed.

How do you feel about abortion, Anonymous?

There are plenty of good charities out there doing the work of Christ. Ones which support abortion are not the work of God but have a hand of the Devil upon it instead.

I just went to confession a week ago, perhaps you should avail yourself of the beautiful Sacrament as well. We all need the grace received therein.

Toyin O. said...

Good to know, thanks for sharing:)

Anthea said...

How about Human Rights Watch? Or Oxfam? Doctors without Borders? Red Cross anyone? Do you have a list of medical advancements pioneered by gays? I think every Catholic has the right to know, and reject them. BTW - what is the Vatican doing in the UN since the latter has radical feminists who support birth control and abortion?