Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time to Catch Up

After having scared off regular readers of +Ponderings+ following my long absence, I still feel the need to share what has been going on with me and what you may have missed in the news about our Church.

Me:  I am not one to share much information about myself, not so much out of concern for privacy, but it just goes against the hub of my personality.  On a celebratory note, our family is no longer under the yoke of pay television.  We had the satellite dish disconnected and don't even have an antenna for broadcast television.  We don't miss the junk that came into our home on a daily basis and have discovered some wonderful films and television programs on Netflix.  Out with the Viagra commercials, in with "The Bells of Saint Mary's" and "A Man for all Seasons".

There are two things that have occupied much of my mind and the first I wish to share is this:  Our son who is in 7th grade came home with a permission slip for us to sign last night.  It was for a seminar to be held at our local community college this month with the main theme of tackling bullying.  The program is only for junior high students from all of the local schools and seems quite benign.  He shared that they will have a speaker and then can choose different programs to attend.  Then I found at the bottom a list of sponsors of the 2011 conference - YMCA, our local drug and alcohol abuse council, the college, other similar community organizations and at the tail end of the list was  PLANNED PARENTHOOD.  My reaction was not very contained when I read it and thankfully our son looked at me knowingly and asked, "What?  You saw Planned Parenthood is on the form?"  This was just last night and for fear of losing your interest so soon, I'll cut the details and get to the bottom line.  By 8 a.m. I already had e-mailed the school principal with my concerns and sent Alex to school without the permission slip and written a letter to the editor of the local paper.  After dropping by the school this morning and speaking with the principal about the issue, I drove past our local PP office and stared at the beautiful brick-faced and tastefully trimmed old building, feeling entirely ineffective and helpless. It was almost as if the building was mocking me.

Second, the all-time most popular post on +Ponderings+ is about end of life care.  Find my December 2009 post about how our family is currently facing difficult decisions HERE.  I just updated the entry.


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