Thursday, March 28, 2013

McQuaid Jesuit High School: More Scandal in the Diocese of Rochester

Please read this post at Cleansing Fire about the latest scandal to hit the Diocese of Rochester. The DOR has waited 30+ years for some positive news (other than the retirement of Bishop Matthew Clark last year), and it appears as though the wait continues. Maranatha!

A snippet from a Canon Lawyer found HERE is quoted below. Please click on the link to read the entire article.

"In Lawrence of Arabia (1962) the diplomat Dryden quips (I’m quoting from memory): “If we’ve told lies, you’ve told half-lies. A man who tells lies merely hides the truth, but a man who tells half-lies has forgotten where he put it.” I thought of that line re ‘half-lies’ when I read Fr. Edward Salmon’s letter announcing his decision to allow two male students to attend the McQuaid Jesuit High School 2013 prom as a couple.
Catholics who were mercifully spared the “Church of the 70’s” might find illuminating Salmon’s letter; it’s vintage what so many of us were force-fed for ten dark years: condescending, platitudinistic, partial quotes of Church  documents used to justify the exact opposite of what the Church wants her members to know about Christ and his Gospel. Folks may read the letter for themselves and reach their own conclusions on it.  Here I address only one assertion by Salmon: “I am not encouraging nor am I condoning homosexual activity just as I do not encourage or condone heterosexual activity at a dance. 

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