Thursday, March 7, 2013

Misguided Politician of the Week: NYS Assemblywoman Markey

On Friday, March 8th of this year, New York State Assemblywoman Margaret Markey will hold a rally in Manhattan, New York re-introducing The Child Victims Act. She and the bill co-sponsors hope to: "Eliminate statute of limitations in criminal and civil actions and revive civil actions for certain sex offenses committed against a child less than eighteen years of age." Sounds good, right? Did you notice that the quoted memo mentions 'certain sex offenses' will be included? Are there some sex offenses are healthy for children, or is there something else being left unsaid? I digress.

Margaret Markey
NYS Assemblywoman Markey
District 30

First the back-story. This isn't the first time the bill has been in the news. The bill has been presented several  times before with the last attempt failing in 2009. What Assemblywoman Markey fails to mention is that the bill affects only private institutions and schools, not public ones. For example, a child sexually assaulted in a public school by a teacher will not have the same window of time in which to file a claim as a child sexually assaulted by a teacher in a private institution or school. Why is that? The Assemblywoman has a history of being heavy-handed toward the Catholic Church, yet ignores the continual sexual assaults against minors in the public school system. It is also too difficult to change the laws in regard to public schools because of an immeasurable length of red tape. 

NYSCC Logo                                                                                                             Read what the New York State Catholic Conference has to say about it HERE
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William Donohue, President
Bill Donohue
Read what Bill Donohue from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has to say HERE

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