Saturday, March 15, 2008

Doha, Qatar Anyone?

There's a new Church (and church) in town but you probably won't find it. There are no signs, no cross or crucifix and no bells. Thankfully, there is a map which will help you spot the building after a fifteen-minute drive into the desert. After worshiping underground for years, the emir has given his approval for the $15 million church building going directly against the very loud voices of many. Having seized control from his father, the Sheik hopes to make Qatar more desirable to tourism by increasing the appearances of a more tolerable country.

According to Vatican estimates, there are approximately 100,000 Catholics in the Qatar region, most of whom are not native to the area, hailing instead from Asia and the Philippines. They are expecting about 5,000 new parishioners to attend the consecration of the Catholic Church of our Lady of the Rosary this weekend. Once the church is in operation, only Saudi Arabi will remain without the worship of Jesus Christ within the gulf region.

Let us all pray that there will be a peaceful Easter in Qatar. May God continue to bless these people who serve as the ultimate Christian witnesses! Thank you dear brothers and sisters in Christ who provide such an inspiration to us all.

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