Friday, August 1, 2008

Trouble to the East - Diocese of Rochester in Need of Prayers (and more)

Please keep our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Rochester in your prayers. The agenda for a move from orthodoxy to divisiveness has become a parasite which sucking out the life of many parishes - leaving those who are hurt to hear the heartless words, "good, go fertilize other churches."

For a first-hand account, read the words of DJ, a 17 year old young man who has discerned a vocation to the priesthood. Part 1 and the tragic update in Part 2. Interesting are the comments which follow his heartfelt and tear-rendering posts of others who have witnessed the demise of many parishes in the DOR.

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Female ordination agenda, protestantization of church buildings, discouraging priestly vocations, lay persons giving homilies, priest being referred to as 'Sacramental Ministers' - all of it a recipe for disaster.

There is a website for the agenda of female ordination (no, I will not provide a link) and on the site it gives credit to women who are leaders in the cause - and prominently displayed is the current Pastor at St. Anne's in Rochester on Mt. Hope:

In the telling of this story, it is important to pause and to remember and name persons and groups who have been key to the survival and the success of the movement for women’s ordination over these many years. There are literally hundreds I could name. This movement is living proof that it takes a village! But I will name a few whose vision, tenacity and courage have inspired and empowered us all: Dolly Pomerleau, Bill Callahan, Ruth Fitzpatrick and Maureen Fiedler-present at the creation, fearless and powerful spokespersons against the injustice of the ban on women’s ordination. Marjorie Tuite, OP, brilliant analyst and truth-telling empowerer; Joan Sobala, SSJ and Marsie Silvestro, Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz and Rosalie Muschall Reinhardt-faithful women, keeping the lamp burning in dark times; -Women's Ordination Conference
After you pray for the Rochester Diocese and its people, it is time for asking some more serious questions and expecting answers from the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in regard to the Diocese of Rochester and its mismanagement which is leaving pews and school desks empty and hearts broken.

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