Saturday, November 7, 2009

! Catholic Campaign for Human Development! - Reform Needed Now!

Last year, many Catholics put a cut-out picture of an acorn in the basket; this year some are clipping coupons and dropping them in. The collection will take place on November 22 this year and I ask that you prayerfully discern whether or not you wish to participate this year. Previous +Ponderings+ on the topic of the CCHD may be found HERE.

To be fair, it appears that Bishop Roger Morin, Chairman of the CCHD is working to reform the campaign. Read the memo he issued to all US Bishops HERE. In it, he assures the Bishops that the organizations which promoted programs contrary to Church teaching have been defunded. That is an excellent first step, yet a deep trust has been broken and cannot be healed this easily. First millions to ACORN, then the three organizations supporting intrinsic evil. What will it be this year? What surprises may be in store for Americans who are facing an above 10% unemployment rate and must be extremely careful with every penny they can afford to donate?

According to the USCCB, "The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is the domestic anti-poverty, social justice program of the U.S. Catholic bishops." As of late, the term 'social justice' has been painted much differently than when the CCHD was founded in 1970. The CCHD says that 'it is time to end poverty in America once and for all. How does the CCHD end poverty? I really would like to know and do not intend it as a trick question.

As for me and my family, we will once again give all money we would have given to the CCHD to Catholic Charities of Western New York. We know where the money will be used and have seen the direct impact they have upon families first-hand. From their website:

Catholic Charities of Buffalo is the most comprehensive human service provider in Western New York, reaching all eight counties with professionally staffed locations. Each year, Catholic Charities serves more than 160,000 Western New Yorkers without regard to age, race orCOA Logo religious affiliation. Today’s Catholic Charities leads the way for an integrated human service delivery system.

In 2007, the agency voluntarily sought and received its first four-year accreditation from the Council on Accreditation, attesting to its adherence to the highest national professional standards and delivery of the best quality services.

Catholic Charities offers programs that strive to empower individuals, children and families. Among them are comprehensive counseling services for all ages, basic emergency assistance and referrals, child and adult mental health services, chemical dependency treatment, educational and vocational services, services to the aging, parish outreach and advocacy, marriage counseling, foster care and adoption services, child and adult day care, and a variety of programs that address prevention and treatment of a number of family issues.

Consider donating to Catholic Charities in Buffalo or your local Catholic Charities office.

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