Friday, November 6, 2009

'Religion of Peace' Attempts to Exterminate Catholicism in the Middle East

What of those Christians in Iraq? Are there any left?

Pope Benedict XVI announced in September 2009 that there will be a Synod of Bishops in the Middle East to address the current crisis in the region. The eastern 'lung' of the Church is on a ventilator and most people in the world are turning a blind eye. Under the guise of political correctness, many world leaders, including Mr. Obama, are more concerned about avoiding 'hurt feelings' among the Muslim world, than the bodies of Christian martyrs piling up.

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Below, an appeal from the Bishops and Priests in Iraq:
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What now? A new documentary has been produced by the Charity and Justice organization. Part one is available and here is a description of An Open Door:

The most important aspect of this documentary is to show Iraqi Catholics in their true light, conveying to the world that Catholics in the Middle East are neither terrorists nor refugees. They are people – individuals with a deep faith, rich heritage, and courage. Episode One covers health, with episodes on spirituality, education, contributions of Iraqi Catholics, and employment to follow.

For Catholics to to stay in Iraq, to thrive, and foster positive relations with their Muslim neighbors, and for those who have already migrated due to persecution or poverty to stay connected to their religion and roots, the global Catholic community must work together to provide the opportunities that will enable Iraqi Catholics to shed their refugee status, and become fully participating Iraqi citizens once again.

This will occur through the construction of Catholic schools and hospitals, and development of industry. This is something Iraqis long for and are ready to work for, and a gift for which Iraqi Catholics will be forever grateful to those who can help them.

View part one of An Open Door below:

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