Friday, March 11, 2011

Understanding Islam

Admittedly, I am ignorant in regard to the religion of Islam. I know some foundational history and a bit about the Crusades.  The rest of my knowledge is sadly based upon events which have ravaged both our nation and nations all over the world in the name of Islam.

I recently was contacted by a friend, L., seeking advice on how to proceed with a neighbor she has befriended.  The woman is an Islamic immigrant from Pakistan and had asked L. for information about Catholicism and wanted to meet with a priest.  As you can understand, my friend was both pleased and torn apart with the request.  On one hand, she wanted to lead the woman to a font of Salvation, on the other, she was afraid for what this could mean for the woman and her marriage.  Her husband had already warned her against converting to Christianity.  Also in question was if it would be acceptable to keep the information from the woman's husband, possibly considered to be a lie by omission.  I thought about it for a few minutes and arrived at the best possible answer I could give her:  "Which is more important?  Her marriage to a Muslim man or leading her to Christ where she can have eternal life?  Christ is certainly the only answer to the question.

Prompted to learn more after my discussion with L., I began searching the internet for sources of Muslim converts to Christianity.  I was pleasantly surprised that there are vast numbers of former Muslims posting online about their conversion experiences.  There were even Bibles online in the woman's native language from Pakistan.  I have not done extensive research on any of the following sites and ask you to proceed with that in mind.

On EWTN's World Over with Raymond Arroyo, he recently interviewed the author of the book The Closing of the Muslim Mind:  How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist.  To listen to the entire show, click HERE or to view, watch the embedded video below.


Special podcast for download exclusively HERE at EWTN and ONLY available through the end of March 2011:


The Crusades are often a misrepresented and misunderstood part of the history of the Church. James and Joanna Bogle reveal the compelling truth behind the crusades, investigating their causes and history. They also explain how various military orders were established to protect Christian interests in Europe and the Holy Land from invading Muslims after the first crusade.

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