Thursday, July 26, 2012

Action Alert: City of Steubenville, OH Bullied by Atheists

Please read the article written by Tom Crow of HERE

If you are Catholic, chances are you have heard of Steubenville, Ohio. Most likely it is not because of the city, but the beloved Franciscan University which is located there. The City of Steubenville decided to replace their old city logo with a new one that reflects images that instantly pop into mind when people think of Steubenville.
Old City Logo
New City Logo 
 On the new city logo, you see that on the far right is an image of the towering main chapel on the University's campus. That image is immediately recognized by anyone who is familiar with the campus.

Christ the King  Chapel, Franciscan University

Enter the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a radical secularist organization. They were 'offended' by the image, citing that a Cross on the logo violated the constitutional principal of separation of church and state. The group threatened the City of Steubenville with an expensive lawsuit if they did not remove the image from their new logo. The city council caved, and agreed to remove the image. They then offered Franciscan University the option to elect another image from their campus that did not include the steeple with a cross, and the University declined. In their statement about the issue, they shared the following:

“Now that the city has decided not to keep the chapel in its logo, the University has declined the city’s offer to be represented by another campus building. The Christ the King Chapel and its cross, which are the centerpiece of the University logo, are internationally recognized symbols of the campus here in Steubenville and are at the heart of our Catholic educational mission. No other campus symbol or architectural feature so immediately identifies the University." 

The FFRF celebrated their 'achievement' on THIS PAGE. Thanks to their celebration, I noticed their call for readers to vote 'Yes' in a newspaper poll to reaffirm their 'win.' This is where +Ponderings+ readers come in. Please shout your views on this story from the rooftops, and when you're done, vote 'No' in the poll. I'm going to link the poll below in big, red, bold letters. Add comments if you are inclined to do so as well. Since the poll is no longer on the front page of the paper's website, I am unsure if the votes are still being counted or for how long. With FFRF driving their followers to the poll, the results are clearly skewed in their favor. 

P.S. the FFRF is very anti-Christian and pointedly, anti-Catholic. Check out their website. 

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