Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Book Review: The Christian Alphabet Book

Delightfully illustrated, authentically Catholic, and spiritual food for the Domestic Church. Those are the words that encapsulate my review of the book: The Christian Alphabet Book: Teaching Children about Jesus, Prayer, and the Bible by Tracy Sands.

When I was offered a review copy, I thought I was receiving a children's book. Once I received it and had the opportunity to skim the pages, I quickly realized that it is a whole family book. Much more than a book to teach your preschooler the alphabet, this is a tool that will become a family heirloom - seriously.

In a nutshell:
  • Each letter of the alphabet is a beautiful illustration containing ancient and modern Christian symbols used to teach a lesson
  • Every page highlights a different letter, and more important, a lesson for family discussion
  • For each letter, the right-hand page has a 'seek and you shall find' activity using the symbols. On the left-hand page, there is a basic lesson and fun activity. The primary lesson is highlighted in red and a prayer closes out the page. 
  • Scripture quotes taken from: 
Having said all this, though I have found nothing contrary to orthodox Catholic teaching, it is important to note that it is for all Christian families.This book contains no hot-button theological topics that separates Catholic theology from the theology of other Christian communities. It is entirely Christo-centric, teaching families about the loving God who sent His Son, our Savior. I cannot recommend this book enough.

The author also offers various items at her website, including a cd with songs to go with the book and personalized frameable name art.  

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful review of our book. It filled me with great joy as I read it. You truely "hit the nail on the head." Your words = Christo-centric and Family book = were my main goals. This was the biggest struggle for me -making it for all Christians and all ages. Love from above to you and yours always, †racy Sands