Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book Review: Francis - The Journey and the Dream, 40th Anniversary Edition

Our latest book review for The Catholic Company is on Francis - The Journey and the Dream, 40th Anniversary Edition. This book was reviewed by guest +Ponderings+ blogger, Jean.

Francis: The Journey and the Dream: 40th Anniversary Edition

So, right off the bat I am disappointed. In the forward, John Michael Talbot says “it is not a historical treatment … the writer takes artistic license … not a Franciscan biography or history and must be read that way."  I’m thinking historical romance or the legend of Robin Hood.  I thought I was sitting down to read more historical biography, less prose. So with grumpy attitude firmly in place, I began to read Francis: The Journey and the Dream.

Fr. Bodo has a cozy  way of writing that makes it easy to get lost in his words and imagery.  I journeyed with Francis as he struggled with his choice of living the gospel,  the joy, the doubts, the gratitude, the determination to follow his dream. And though this book turned out to not be the book I had hoped it would be, it did turn out to be a good book for me. 

This is an easy reading book that offers an inspiring tale of the life of St. Francis and his attempt to live his life according to the example set by Jesus. I can’t imagine anyone being able to read it without some prayerful reflection into their own journey. Happy trails!

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