Saturday, April 13, 2013

Misguided Politician of the Week: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Okay, so he isn't really the Misguided Politician of the Week. He really deserves at least a month. In 2007, I warned New Yorkers and the world about legislation in the works under the moniker of 'Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act.' Gov. Cuomo, a CINO who is infamous for forcing the passage of legislation in the night (see HERE and HERE), embraced the bill from the beginning of his term and now seeks to make it law.

Did you know that New York City is the Abortion Capitol of the United States? Yet Planned Parenthood advocates think women need MORE access to abortion (See HERE and HERE). How can you get more when you already have the most?  They seek late term abortions. None of this 'killing tissue' stuff - let's go right to the far boundary of the murdering business and kill infants. Despite the horrific Gosnell case, and the news of another abortion 'house of horrors' in Delaware, New Yorkers now need to be gravely concerned about this horrific legislation being shoved through the NYS Assembly and Senate.

What can you do? 

  • Please read the bullet-points of the proposed law at NY State Catholic Conference HERE. 
  • Send a letter opposing the legislation to Cuomo, your Assemblyman, and your Senator HERE

P.S. I will not apologize for the negativity on this page. When people sanction the murder of children, yet go on television with a plea for law-abiding and peaceful people to hand over the guns so that perhaps 'even just one child' may be saved, I am frankly dumbfounded. Murder is murder is murder. How many Catholics voted for this man? And how many remain his supporters even now?

Two peas in a pod

4/23/2013 Times Union: Cuomo: Take a position, details be damned

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