Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pro-Aborts Offer "State of the Uterus" Address

Sadly, the headline is not a joke. Their video message, which I've decided not to embed on +Ponderings+, is this (my words, their message):

"The objectification of women must stop. We will use an object which resembles a uterus to teach this lesson of respect for all women. Women are objects (bonus points when they resemble reproductive organs) when we say they are, and that objects are used to is especially important when mocking people with antiquated and barbaric values."

I will let you decide if you want to go to YouTube to search for the video. Screenshots below of the video with title, and a snip from the transcript.

*This is a screen-shot of the video and not the actual video. Go to YouTube and search under the name to view it. 


From a 2012 post, girls selling chocolate suckers in the shape of a vagina in order to 'raise awareness of violence against women.' (From +Ponderings+ post found HERE.)

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