Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's Talk Trash: Where Online Heretics Do Their Recycling

a bit of entertainment early this morning (I watched a video created by an invalidly ordained 'married priest' in the Diocese of Rochester where he held a mock inquisition starring himself in each of the roles) I visited a website suggested by a former Catholic. Of course while considering that the person who made the suggestion is of the salt-free variety of Christianity and more akin to the heretic variety, I visited the website with a bit of a smirk on my face.

I speak in generic terms and provide no link or name because I do not wish to feed the insane with further delusions of having something worthwhile to listen to - if you catch my drift ;). If your curiosity is piqued, go to YouTube and search for 'married priest Rochester' and you'll find plenty of videos to entertain you. I considered embedding a sampling here, but thought better of it because the creator of the videos would know to which site it was linked and thus undoubtedly would be elated by the publicity.

The recommended website is currently advertising for a new person to spearhead their female priest ordination program. In case you were interested, the application deadline has just passed. Moving down the homepage, I noted a listing of suggested links. In other words, sites any faithful Catholic should avoid on a full stomach. There is a site to help men leave the priesthood (no, not linking to that one), Boston College, CatholicA (for Australian dissenters), Busted Halo (for 'spiritual seekers') and E-Catholicism (a source of anything and everything a dissenter may need to ponder heresy).

You know the cliché - 'you can judge a man by the company he keeps'. Well, you can judge the Catholicity of a website by the links provided. I made a blog entry some time ago on Know your Catholic and catholic websites and I think that it must be stressed again: there are a lot of sites out there throwing out the word 'Catholic' around liked beads on Mardi Gras and they are clearly a pathway OUT of the Church. In my previous entry, I mentioned that is a site to be weary about and while visiting E-Catholicism, I noticed they run a banner ad for them. Caveat emptor - be cautious in your internet studies and the 'stuff' you buy into.

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