Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fly in the Ointment

In a recent entry, I updated you on the progress of the new English translation of the Roman Missal. It seems that a South African Bishop, Most Rev. Kevin Dowling, does not agree with the move. The South African episcopate 'jumped the gun' and is already using the new translation though it was made clear it does not have final approval. According to Bishop Dowling, "I am concerned that this latest decision from the Vatican may be interpreted as another example of what is perceived to be a systematic and well-managed dismantling of the vision, theology and ecclesiology of Vatican II."

A bit more on Bishop Downing before you give him much thought. He has gone against the Church before in a very public way so I think that perhaps if he is so rattled with the new translation, it only affirms that it is actually a step in the right direction. He is known as the 'Condom Bishop'.

Another person being vocal about the new translation is one Jesuit from Georgetown University, Fr. Thomas Reese. Fr. Reese is no stranger to the Vatican, much to the dismay of the Vatican. He is quoted as saying about the new Missal, "Once again the Vatican isn't listening to the critics, and we're going to have another major embarrassment to the Pope when these translations are put into effect and are forced on the people in the pews."

+Catholic Ponderings+ has a 'shout out' for Fr. Reese and Bishop Dowling: the only major embarrassment is having your names continually pop up railing against the Church. Keeping with the spirit of Lent, I'll forgive you.


Read this AP article on the whole affair in South Africa if you have already digested your last meal.

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