Monday, January 4, 2010

+Pondering+ Looking Back & Marching On
February 2010 will mark the two year anniversary of this blog.  We continue to receive many 'hits' on some of our older posts so I wish to share with you the most popular ones.  I also would like to highlight some of the entries which you may have overlooked.

Five Most popular entries on +Catholic Ponderings+: 

+Pope Leo on Socialism

Compendium on the Eucharist

Say What? Glossolia: Speaking in Tongues

How Do You Address a Bishop?

Irena Sendler: No Nobel Prize Required

+Catholic Ponderings+ has covered much on the Obama Administration (52 blog entries since 2008 have been tagged 'Obama') including his election, appointment of individuals with questionable character, the Notre Dame controversy, conscience protection and his abortion agenda.  I began to post book reviews in June 2009 which may be found HERE.  Not to be overlooked are the reviews of two outstanding films which are now available on DVD.  Many entries have highlighted the culture of death including videos on Kansas and the late Dr. Tiller , the inspirational abortion survivor, Gianna Jessen and a chilling video on what culture of death has done to guarantee the growth of Islam in the world. Not to be forgotten is the Diocese or Rochester.  After some thirty years of being under the misdirection of Bishop Matthew Clark, the Diocese of Rochester continues to suffer. 

We have been known to have a bit of fun from time to time and have labeled seven entries as 'humor'.   At the end of 2009, we were blessed to have a new blog contributor.  'Church Mouse' has already posted two (HERE and HERE) entries and I look forward to reading more of his intelligent, heartfelt and witty posts in the new year.

With one last look behind us, please consider checking out the following posts you may have missed:

Are You a Worrier?  Jesus said, Don't Bother 

Prison Ministry: Testimony From Those Who Serve

Tough Talk

Save a Baby

On Prenatal Testing

Know Your Catholic and catholic Websites

Know-nothingism and Other Anti-Catholic Gems in US History

On Mortification and the Importance of Regular Hospital Visits

Laity Giving Blessings at Mass and other No-Nos

Looking Ahead:

After nearly two years and 300 blog entries, I cannot imagine where the time has gone.  I look forward to  the upcoming year, God willing.  I am currently reading a book as part of the book review program and really must get going on it.  With familial obligations and the recent holidays, I did not have time and now I must once again pick up St. Damien of Molokai - Apostle of the Exiled.  I have to admit that I have struggled to read past the historical description of Hawaii and hope to find inspiration in an upcoming page very soon.

May God continue to bless and keep you.  Thank you for reading +Catholic Ponderings+ and I hope this little blog has made some sort of a difference in your day.


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