Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who started your church?

Thanks to:  Catholics Come Home Blog  and St. Charles Borromeo Church

Both fully Divine and fully Man, Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church.  One can trace the Church quite easily back to her origin nearly two thousand years ago.  When people leave the Church founded by Christ because they don't like something a Church representative said, did, a look given, the lack of charity displayed by so-called Catholics or any other host of excuses -- they are not leaving an organization.  They are leaving Christ.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, and with Christ present in the Sacraments, the Church continues on with imperfect human beings left to run the day to day operations.  Most who have gone before us have honored the Church, many have fallen short.  Just as Moses, St. Peter and Noah were imperfect, God chooses human beings to do His work on earth with His guidance. 

Moses was not a good speaker and lacked confidence in his abilities to lead the chosen people.  St. Peter denied Christ just as Christ said he would.  Noah was found drunk and naked by his sons.  Do any of these men fit the human image of perfection?  No, far from it.  Yet, God chose these people for His reasons to do His work.  What do they have that people who leave the Church do not have?  Faith.  Repentance.  Loyalty.  Love.  Clarity.  Our Biblical fathers did not look about to blame humans who messed things up.  They looked heavenward without hesitation.  They longed to do one thing:  God's will. 

So if you, or someone you know has left the Church Christ founded, who started your church?

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