Monday, April 9, 2012

Irony: When the Abortionist is Forced to Sign Your Birth Certificate

I first posted about Gianna Jessen back in October of 2008 HERE. What makes Gianna's story extraordinary, is that she survived a saline abortion at seven months gestation. If you are not familiar with her story, please read my previous post and watch her testimonial videos. The abortionist had not yet arrived at the Planned Parenthood clinic where she was expected to be exterminated, when she was born alive. The man later had to sign her birth certificate.

Gianna Jessen

The new film October Baby was inspired by Gianna's story. In the film, a young woman discovers that she was a survivor of an attempted abortion, and goes on a journey of discovery and healing. I went to see October Baby on opening weekend, and recommend that all go see it as well. Find it in a theater near you by searching HERE. Even if you happened upon this post with a pro-choice mindset, I ask that you open your heart and mind to the story. As you can see on Rotten Tomatoes, there is a giant chasm between Hollywood critics and what the ticket-buyers long to see. At the time of this post, only 7 out of 30 critics enjoyed the film, yet a whopping 91% of the audience (9,492 reviewers) enjoyed the film. Even the New York Times was pressed to acknowledge the film's success - though in the linked article you'll find that the article has a definite bias against the pro-life movement. Many critics have gone so far as to discount the story in the film, believing it impossible that anyone would survive an abortion. Of course, many people still deny that the Holocaust happened - so, there you go.

The soundtrack for October Baby is now available on iTunes and Gianna Jessen performs the song Ocean Floor. Give it a listen and support the project. The entire album is only $9.99 and contains some of the most enjoyable new music I've heard in a very long time.


*Read about another abortion survivor in this NYT article HERE. Learn about late term abortion methods HERE, including 'saline amniocentisis' (the method Gianna survived), and President Obama's record on the Infant Born Alive Protection Act HERE. Why don't we hear of more survivors of abortions? Find the answer HERE.

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